My Story


I'm Laura and I'm the Head (only) Designer here at Holmes Sweet Holmes. My home studio is based in a lovely town called Bedford, in the East of England and about a 40 minute train ride north of London. It is here that I create my original lino prints and other pieces of design.


Coming from a very creative family, I ended up studying Interior Design at University. I started a family soon after gaining my degree and so my creative career got temporarily parked. After a few years I knew I needed my creativity back and running my own business was the perfect choice. 


Holmes Sweet Holmes has existed since late 2014 and has grown and evolved over the past few years.
It started as a make and create anything and everything kind of set-up, transforming more into a graphic design business after I won a logo design competition and word of my success spread.


I spent the next few years designing logos, flyers, brochures, posters, invitations and all things graphics related and as much as I enjoyed it it just wasn't enough, I needed to create my own designs, to my own brief, create my own art.


From time to time I still do graphic design work and I'm working on getting my work on an online portfolio. Digital design still plays its part and is closely intertwined with my more illustrative print work.


My collection of lino prints is inspired by many things, my love of the moon and all things celestial being just one of them. They're often personal to me and have a story behind them - to put it simply...I create and carve what I love.


Each of my prints are hand carved and hand printed here in Bedford and designed to add that little something-something to your interiors and of course they make a perfect addition to that fancy gallery wall.


So now you're here, stick around for a while and have a browse!


People buying and appreciating my work is the greatest honour any designer or artist can have.
Laura x